A new dawn of personal asset management

警告!! Warning!!

Seicho is an extremely experimental protocol. Please use at your own risk. We do not guarantee a return on any invested funds.


The user receives a proportionate amount of etherum based on the number of interactions that have taken place since their initial investment


The users sends their $SEI back to the contract therein the tokens are automatically burned , thus decreasingt the overall supply permament with every sell interaction


The users sends Etherum to the contract and receive Seich Tokens


When the users sends Etherum to the contract $SEI tokens are minted on spot

Automated Mutual Funds

The contract uses a Stable Growth Token protocol, but with some fine-tuned adjustments. Here is an overview of how the smart contract works:

Send ether to the smart contract, it mints the number of tokens according to the current buy price and sends them to your wallet.

It calculates the amount of ether according to the current sell price and sends Ethereum to your wallet.

Additionally, the transaction fees paid to mint or burn are redistributed to token holders. sell price of the token always grows.

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